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Not your traditional beauty brand. Get the revolutionary way that TERI MIYAHIRA BEAUTY works for you.

Get the Beauty Box Package that's right for you

Purchase three or six months and save.




What makes us different?

TERI MIYAHIRA BEAUTY is a new way to approach green beauty.

​It's the best of both worlds: specially formulated natural and cruelty-free products exclusively designed by TERI MIYAHIRA BEAUTY, combined with the idea of limited-edition monthly collections, in a recurring monthly subscription service. This means products delivered to your door automatically every month, for the best possible price in luxury green beauty.

Each monthly collection will include between 3-4 products by TERI MIYAHIRA BEAUTY (at least 2 x full-sized color cosmetic products, and 1-2 additional full-size or medium-size products). Products are kept a secret until the collection ships to their new homes!

Skincare included in monthly collections will be medium-sized products that are large enough to get the full experience and see results (no sample sizes here). Your favorite skincare will be available for separate full-size purchase.  

Capsule Collection  

Want something more customizable?

Capsule Collection is our pan-form makeup that's specially designed to customize your own empty magnetic palette. Our Capsule Subscription Box contains seasonal and on-trend shades of blush, eyeshadow, bronzer, highlight and complexion products so you can refresh your makeup collection quickly and easily.